Playing games is always fun and it is a perfect way to relax and enjoy yourself. Our Slot machines are very popular and we have several types of slot machines to choose from. We have progressive jackpot slots and video machines. Progressive slots means that the value of the jackpot increases for each game played. When playing slots, try some of these 3 game strategies:

  • Choose the slot machines with smallest jackpots – this can be a good strategy. Small jackpots usually pay out more often, but smaller amounts, compared to the bigger the jackpot slots. It is easy to spot the difference between a small and a high jackpot slot, just take a good look at the machine, and the exact amount of today’s jackpot can be found.
  • Bet the maximum amounts if you play progressive slots. – It is hard to win the jackpot if you don’t bet big. Progressive slot machines may have different payout percentages and jackpot amounts, so always choose the combination of highest payout percentage and biggest jackpot amount. By doing this, it will help you secure the jackpot.
  • Play the highest denomination possible. – By playing the highest denomination slot you can afford, you get a much higher pay back percentage when winning. In other words, small penny slots will pay out a lot less, compared to slot machines taking higher currency.

Reel machines, poker machines and video slot machines

Not everybody likes the same type of games. Some prefer playing cards, while others prefer traditional slot machines, while others like video slots. The good thing about our Abuja casinos is that we have got something for everybody. Our Abuja casino has several types of slot machines for you to choose from. Traditional mechanical reel slot machines will let you take full control over the mechanical reels by pressing a button in order to hold, while pulling a handle. The aim is to get similar symbols, in order to receive a cash prize. We also got video slot machines, with no moving parts – only a graphical representation on the screen. These slots operate more in the same sense as a video game, with interactive elements and detailed video graphics. Just stop by our Abuja casino, and try some of our slot machine games yourself. We’ve got several for you to choose from, all depending on your own personal taste and slot machine preferences.