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Poker | Nigerian Casinos

Tips for beginner poker players from Nigeria’s top Casinos

If you are looking for some fun and excitement, a poker table or machine is waiting for you at a casino near you in Nigeria. Nothing can quite compare to the thrill of winning and at one of the best casinos in the country, the opportunities to do so abound. Poker, one of the most popular casino games, is available as a table game and as a video machine game. How you win will differ depending on what type of poker you opt for. Video machines play an automatic game, whereas a table game will be managed by a live dealer. When playing on the machines you stand to win with progressive jackpots too, which are known to pay out regularly at Nigerian casinos.

Whether it’s easy poker, Texas Hold ‘Em poker or stud poker you are interested in playing, at the right casino you will find the experience fun, exciting and absolutely worthwhile.

For those who are new to poker, here are a few beginner tips that might help you to break even or avoid an unnecessary loss:

  • Avoid playing too many hands.
  • Don’t focus on bluffing to win. It is better to play your cards wisely than to try to bluff your opponents.
  • Position at the table is important. If you are the last to take action, this is possibly the best position to be in as you will have slightly better knowledge about what you are up against.
  • Avoid jumping in at high limits. Spending too much as a beginner is a sure way to lose your money. Players at higher limits will be better than those at lower limits – play within your means and according to your experience.
  • Know the rules. While it’s great to get hands-on experience and learn as you play, if you aren’t familiar with the rules, it could get hard and tricky. Familiarize yourself with the games rules before you play.

Find a casino in Nigeria where you can play Poker

Some of the finest casinos in the country are located at the most buzzing establishments in Nigeria. 3 of the top casinos to choose from can be found at these secure and esteemed hotels:

  • Sheraton Hotel.
  • Concorde Hotel.
  • Bougainvillea Hotel.

Nigerian casinos offer a welcoming, exciting and exhilarating atmosphere where you can try your hand at poker as well as a variety of other table games, slot machines, reel machines and more. Top casinos in the country also offer great bars for refreshing drinks as well as a delicious buffets that are usually made available each night.

The hotels that Nigeria’s leading casinos are located within also offer great facilities to be enjoyed such as restaurants, pool bars, chill lounges, night clubs and more.

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