When walking into the boardroom, have you ever considered bringing your poker face to the table? Often people over look the multiple benefits of understanding poker and just how it can actually help one raise their business acumen. Naturally there will be the constant naysayers who fail to believe that gambling is anything but a foolish game, however, they will never understand the true correlation between this card game of cowboys and the real life game of business.

How Poker Can Help Raise Your Business Game

A successful businessman will be able to tell you exactly how he has executed the perfect sale. He will walk into his meeting, make informed decisions with regards to the matter at hand, project the upmost confidence increasing his sale potential, negotiate with his client until reaching the desired medium and finally, go for the kill and make the sale. Ironically, that description has just taken you through a successful poker game, not a business meeting. These four areas are crucial in the game of poker and this is how they will influence your business persona;

  1. Make Better Decisions

Poker forces you to truly understand when to throw in the towel, when to weather the storm and see it through and when to double-down or go all-in. Furthermore poker will show you that not all well thought out decisions result in great outcomes, while at the same time the mediocre hand can win the table. When putting this into perspective in your business life, isn’t this a vital part of it all?

  1. Improve Your Sales

In order to get any where on the poker table you need to understand when to bluff and how to do it well. Poker will teach you how to harness your confidence and potential as a sales person.

  1. Strengthen Your Negotiation Skills

Another crucial part to playing poker well comes from being able to understand the strength of your cards, when to play aggressively and learning how to calculate your outs.

  1. Improve Your Execution 

In poker, the person with the best hand isn’t necessarily always the winner. Often in business we tend to simplify everything in order to make it a little more understandable. This is where poker comes in extremely useful, as it reminds the player to watch the multiple facets happening at the same time within the game. By remembering to watch all aspects of your meeting, you will be able to close the deal at hand with more ease because you will be prepared and able to handle every angle.

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