Blackjack continues to be one of the most popular table games that any casino can offer. If you’re into strategy card games, then blackjack is for you.

With this table game, you (as well as any other player at your table) play against the dealer instead of each other. The goal is to get as close as possible to 21 or 21 without going over this number. The most successful and consistent blackjack winners are those who develop a game plan and strategy and stick to it throughout the game.

Casinos in Nigeria that offer blackjack

When you visit Nigeria for work, leisure or simply to have a unique gaming experience, be sure to visit the leading Nigerian casinos. Winners know that they need to choose a casino that is focused on giving their gamers the thrills and excitement that people have come to expect from leading Casino Prive establishment and that’s exactly what these Nigerian casinos do.

Besides blackjack, Nigerian casinos also offers table games such as American roulette and poker, progressive jackpots that pay out on a regular basis as well as 60 reel, poker and video slot machines from 5 cents to US $2. The slot machines at many of the casinos are open from 12 noon and the tables open daily from 8pm until lead, giving you enough time to explore the facilities and have a great meal before you start to reel in your fortune on the blackjack table!

The best part of choosing to win at Nigerian casinos is the fact that many of them are situated near the luxurious Bougainvillea Hotel, Sheraton Hotel and Concorde Hotel. If you’re looking for a fine gaming experience, superb blackjack facilities and all the comforts that leading hotels and casinos can offer, then visit Nigerian Casinos.