Lagos, Nigeria, is filled with historic landmarks and cultural hot spots. As the most populous city in Nigeria, you will be spoiled for choice if you are looking for a vibrant, upbeat holiday.

Here are some of the things that you should definitely put on your itinerary during your trip to Lagos:

  1.  Millennium Park
    Located in the Maitama District of the city near the presidential building, the Millennium Park is the largest public park in Abuja. The park is divided into two sections that are separated by a river. On the one side, you will be able to enjoy untouched nature in the form of forest, bush wood and mountainous vegetation. On the other side, you can travel down the white travertine path and take in the series of fountains.
  1.  National Monuments
    There are a number of national monuments that you can see in Abuja, including the Abuja National Mosque, the National Christian Center, the Ministry of Defense and the National Library, among others.
  1.  Jabi Park
    You can go horseback riding and take in the picturesque Jabi Lake at the Jabi Park. There is also a shopping center and you can book a boat ride during your trip to the park.
  1.  Zuma Rock
    Zuma Rock is one of the top places to visit in Abuja. The large monolith consists of grandiorite and gabbro. It is sometimes referred to as the “Gateway to Abuja from Suleja”. It rises 725 meters above its surroundings and it is a must-see for visitors of the city.

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