Lagos is the biggest city in Nigeria and in Africa. It is one of the most populous cities in the world. In fact, Lagos is so big, so crowded, so busy and dynamic, so full of just about everything you can imagine you’ll find in a huge city in West Africa, that a trip to this sprawling economic and cultural powerhouse requires a few essential travel ‘tips’.

Of course, this starts with where to find the best hotels in Lagos in the suitable and convenient areas, including hotels with casinos (just as popular in Lagos as in other cities in Nigeria).

Once you have found your ideal hotel in Lagos, do take heed of the following do’s-and-don’ts for visiting Lagos – whether on a business trip or on a holiday.

How to enjoy your stay in Lagos

  • Lagos can be overwhelming. If you wish to explore Lagos and enjoy the best tourist attractions or find ‘hidden gems’, it’s best to use the services of a local guide. Ideally, one your hotel can recommend.
  • Enjoy the markets and shops. But, be aware that they will ‘see you coming’. You are expected to bargain and haggle, at length! If you don’t follow custom, you may get what you ‘deserve’: being overcharged. Don’t expect small change at markets either. Carry cash in all denominations.
  • Lagosians are very friendly. So, be friendly in return. But watch out for tricksters and opportunists. Lagos, like any big and densely populated city in the world, is a playground for the unscrupulous and criminal.
  • Dress modestly – as many of the locals do. Always be respectful of local customs.
  • Stay safe! Don’t travel or sight see alone, and don’t leave the tourist areas at night!
  • If you want to gamble, there are plenty of casinos in Lagos. But, it’s best to stay right where you can enjoy the best casino in Lagos.

Stay at a luxury hotel and casino in Lagos

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