As a cosmopolitan city and tourist destination, one can reasonably expect that there are myriads of activities to do in Lagos. Casinos in Lagos are major centers for activity but you’ll find that there are many more opportunities for entertainment. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. The Casinos
    The Casinos in Lagos bring a world-class gambling scene to the heart of Africa. The Federal Palace Hotel and Casino may possibly be the best casino in Lagos, with state-of-the-art customer service and a wide variety of games to test your luck and win big!
  1. Restaurants
    To find the best restaurants in Lagos you need to go to the high-class establishments. The Ikeja Sheraton Hotel, found on 30 Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way, in Maryland, Lagos, Nigeria, is one of the most desirable of all the hotels in Lagos. It houses no less than five restaurants and bars. With such a spread of cuisines, you will undoubtedly find something to tickle your fancy.
  1. Karaoke
    If you want to let loose and have a memorable experience and make some friends, karaoke will be right up your alley. Dukes Bar in Lagos lets you belt out those 80s classics (whether it is off-key and out-of-tune) to your heart’s desire.
  1. Dancing
    If you are interested in having a late night, having a few cocktails and dancing the night away, then Stevie Ray’s is the place to go. Live bands play all the classics and the DJs will get your body moving until the sun rises. Grab a drink and strut your stuff!
  1. The Sea Lounge
    A definite must visit, the Sea Lounge allows you to lie back and enjoy the beach sand and ocean breeze as you sip on delicious cocktails and enjoy various snacks and bites to tantalize the taste buds. Should the spirit of adventure take you, you can board a sea cruise and enjoy dinner 20 miles off the coast.

A hustling and bustling African City, Lagos is an economic powerhouse and plays host to multitudes of international guests. For more information of the casinos in Lagos, or casinos and gaming in all of Nigeria, contact Nigerian Casinos today!