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The Best Restaurants and Casinos in Abuja! | Nigerian Casinos

Looking for a place to eat and gamble in Abuja? Here is a list of the most popular restaurants and the best casinos in Abuja:

The Secret Garden

If you are looking for top-notch pizza in a great setting, then The Secret Garden is the place to be. The restaurant is located at Riverplate Park and it is owned by Italians.


In the mood for authentic Chinese cuisine? Chopsticks is situated at 55 Mississippi Street, Maitama, in Abuja, which is the embassy district. The restaurant offers a variety of Southeast Asian meals.

Charcoal Grill

Located in Aminu Kano Crescent, this restaurant specializes in grilled steaks, lamb and chicken, among many other exciting dishes. The restaurant is open from 8 am to 11 pm and you can enjoy your meal outside in a picturesque setting.

BluCabana Restaurant and Café

The romantic ambience and top-notch service is sure to wow you at this restaurant. There are Halal, vegan and gluten free options and you will be treated to stunning views of a blue pool and performances by traditional dancers. The restaurant is connected to a Nordic hotel and it has become renowned for its traditional Lebanese meal options.


This restaurant is nestled in the central business district of Abuja, on the second floor of the Ceddi Plaza. You will be surrounded by tasteful artwork while you enjoy a fusion of West African food. This is the ideal spot for a business or a social dinner.

Masala Wahala

If you are in the mood for Indian food, then make your way to Masala Wahala,

Ceddi Plaza. From succulent starters and spicy veggie options, this restaurant is rated as one of the best Indian eateries in town.

Jevenik Restaurant

If you want to experience tasty Nigerian cuisine, then the Jevenik Restaurant is the place to be. The meals are all affordably priced and the great ambiance combined with impeccable service makes it a great place to visit. The portions are large, making it ideal for those in search of a hunger-busting dish that really hits the spot.

Best Casino in Abuja

The best casino in Abuja is the Jacaranda Casino, which is located at the Abuja Sheraton Hotel. Not only can you enjoy a great meal at the hotel, but also, you can stand a chance to win big. Experience all the fun, thrills and winning at the Jacaranda Casino in Abuja.