If you’re sifting through your accommodation options for your business trip to Lagos, you might be pleasantly surprised to find that some of the best casinos in Lagos offer up-market, luxurious accommodation too. Now you can stay at the best casino in town when you’re next in Nigeria on business! Nigerian hotels seem to have the perfect package, combining comfortable, luxurious accommodation with some of the best casinos and restaurants in Lagos and the rest of Nigeria. Wondering which hotels have this perfect combination to offer? Some top picks include the likes of the Federal Palace Hotel & Casino, Eko Hotel & Suites and Excelsior Hotel & Casino to name a few.

What makes a casino the best place to accommodate your business stay in Lagos? When travelling for business you are bound to put in a few extra hours of work here and there – most business trips are pressed for time and as a result they are stressful by nature. Most business meeting delegates want to return to a hot meal, a refreshing beverage and a few hours to escape from the stress of the day. Most casinos in Nigeria that have hotels attached offer more than just your average casino games and board. You can expect for some of the trendiest and most luxurious hotels to share sites and space with some of the most up-market casinos in the country. And yes, you guessed it, fine dining restaurants and hot bars, pubs and clubs too! Casino venues are the hub of social activity in Nigeria and if you’re travelling to Lagos, this is precisely where you need to be based for your stay.

With 24 hour access to dining and drinks, a myriad of restaurants and bars to choose from and additional perks such as access to golf courses, gymnasiums, swimming pools, jogging tracks, tennis courts and business centers; there’s every reason to believe that a hotel-based casino is the best place in town to host your stay in Nigeria!

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