Are you planning a trip to Lagos, Nigeria? If so, there’s no doubt that you will also be planning to spend time in the best casinos in Lagos! Luckily, most of the popular casinos are in the hotels in Lagos, such as the Federal Palace Hotel and Casino and the Excelsior Hotel & Casino in Apapa. The question is, what sort of gambling games are you likely to find here? We provide you with the lowdown below.

  • Roulette 

Roulette is arguably the most popular gambling game in the casinos and hotels in Lagos. A game of luck, it provides the player with plenty of suspense and, if they’re lucky, a pleasant payout!

  • Blackjack 

A fun card game that takes place between the dealer and multiple players. Each player plays against the dealer himself, as opposed to against each other.

  • Baccarat 

One of the oldest comparing card games in existence today, Baccarat is still extremely common in Nigerian casinos.

  • Poker 

Most casinos in Lagos will offer a wide variety of different types of poker. 3 card poker and Texas Hold ‘Em Poker are two of the most prominent. Although, Let It Ride poker and Caribbean poker are also often available – the one that you decide to play will depend on your personal preferences and experience.

  • Bingo 

A true classic, you’ll always find traditional bingo when staying in hotels in Lagos.

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