The Lagos carnival, also known as the Caretta Carnival of Lagos, is one of the biggest events in Lagos. For over a century, the carnival has been held during the Black Heritage Festival, and it is a celebration of the city, its ancestry, people, and the vibrant culture of Nigeria.

The Lagos carnival is a single day event that brings together cultures from not only Nigeria, but also Cuba, Brazil, and other regions. It is a melting pot of color, music, costumes, entertainment, and dancing. Many media outlets travel to the region to film the event and to catch a glimpse of the local people’s pride in their heritage and culture.

Every year, you can feel the excitement in the air before the carnival. The street-wide party attracts revelers from across the country and even the globe. The atmosphere is fun, upbeat, and welcoming.

The event is set to take place during the first half of May. You will see everything from flamboyant headpieces and colorful costumes to people who have painted their bodies. The streets are filled with dancing and singing as well as cheers of celebration. Traditional rulers of local communities dress in their traditional regalia. The event is free and it will take place on Lagos Island.

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