If you love playing baccarat in casinos, then you are one of the many that enjoy the intrigue, excitement and suspense that the game offers players. The card game is quite simple to play, with the possible outcomes being a tie, player win or banker win. Although, many players enjoy the game in venues such as Las Vegas in the United States, you can get the same experience in Nigeria. The country has a number of casinos that have set aside casino tables that those visiting the entertainment spots can play baccarat.

Some of the casino’s in Nigeria that promise a fun environment as well as other luxurious amenities for players are:

Sheraton Abuja Hotel

If you are visiting Abuja for leisure or business, then staying at the Sheraton Hotel is your best chance at enjoying your stay in the state. The hotel has high end facilities that cater for all your needs, especially if you are an avid baccarat player and want to unwind after a hectic day or just relax when on holiday. The jacaranda casino at the hotel offers tables for different card games with baccarat being one of them.

Federal Palace Casino

In Lagos, the best place to gamble and hopefully earn some winnings when playing baccarat is the Federal Place Casino. The casino has set up at least ten dedicated tables to be used by players that want to participate in their favorite card games. Baccarat is one of the most popular games at the casino with the many of the players coming from other states and even abroad to the Victorian island venue.

Bougainvillea Hotel

Baccarat players in Port Harcourt do not need to leave the state to find casinos that give them tables to play their favorite game. The bougainvillea hotel has casino tables that are open to players, whether day or night at the Jacaranda casino. Apart from the casino, you can indulge in other fun activities at the hotel.

Get to play baccarat at casinos in Nigeria

Gambling in Nigeria has been made exciting because of the various casinos situated all over the country. To sample the going-ons at these casinos, all you need to do is to pick one of the hotels highlighted and visit their onsite casinos for an extraordinary experience.