Planning to stay in a hotel in Abuja this festive season? The city and its surrounds are full of activities to keep you busy and entertained, regardless of your preferences. Here are just a few of the things you can do there.


Feeling lucky? Abuja has an immense number of great casinos where you can test your skills and good fortune on the slot machines and roulette tables. Or, is a few hands of blackjack or poker more up your alley. Have a look at the casino at the Sheraton Abuja for starters, where you’ll find all this and much more!

National Monuments

If you’ve had enough of the casino and want to get out and about a little, why not visit a few of the capital’s national monuments? There’s the National Mosque, the National Christian Center, the unique Ministry of Defence building, the ECOWAS Secretariat building, and the National Library. Each is fascinating in its own way and offers great insight into Nigeria’s history and culture.

Rock Climbing

The outskirts of Abuja offer some great outdoor activities for the more athletic visitor. The city’s most famous natural landmark, Zuma Rock, is a favorite destination for rock climbers. For a good, challenging climb, with a wonderful view from the top, look no further.

Eat Out

From street food to five-star restaurants, Abuja offers a full spectrum of culinary experiences. Make a booking or just step out of your hotel and see what you can find.

Game Reserves

Although Nigeria’s main game reserves and national parks are outside of Abuja, the capital city does include the National Park Service and the National Children’s Park and Zoo if you are looking to appreciate some of Nigeria’s fauna and flora. While there is not enough space in this blog to detail all of the things you can do in Abuja, this should be a good start to whet your appetite. 

The Sheraton Abuja

So, where are you planning to stay while in the capital city? One of the best hotels in Abuja, the Sheraton Abuja is found on Ladi Kwali Way, Maitiama. This beautiful hotel is packed to the brink with amenities! And, best of all, its central location allows it to be the perfect staging point for all sightseeing excursions and more adventurous activities.