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Book Your Accommodation for the ICT4D Conference 2020 | Nigerian Casinos

The annual Information Communications Technology for Development (ICT4D) conference is being hosted in Abuja in April 2020. If you are planning to attend the conference, now would be a good time to book your accommodation to beat the last minute rush for rooms at hotels in Abuja.

ICT4D 2020

The Information Communications Technology for Development (ICT4D) Conference is dedicated to the discussion of digital development. It brings together 900+ attendees from public, private and civil society organisations. What makes it even more exciting is that they are all committed, in one way or another, to the application of digital technology to development, humanitarian and conservation challenges.

As one of Africa’s leading economies, Nigeria is one of the largest markets for emerging technologies on the continent. It enjoys a massive penetration of mobile technology and internet use, and this offers  tremendous opportunities for employing digital innovations.

Abuja makes an excellent host for discussions on the subject, as a metropolitan city that is the home of Nigeria’s federal government, as well as embassies and other institutions and organisations. In addition, Nigeria has an urban population that is increasingly “plugged in” to global digital networks.

This year, the programme will once again feature many high profile speakers who will bring their expertise to bear on this crucial subject, namely, how rapid advances in technology can help to make the world a better place.

The Sheraton Abuja

So, where are you going to stay in Abuja this April while attending ICT4D 2020? One of the best hotels in Abuja, the Sheraton, is found on Ladi Kwali Way, Maitiama. This beautiful hotel is packed to the brink with amenities, and its central location allows it to be the perfect staging point for all sightseeing excursions and more adventurous activities.