The game of blackjack can be quite exciting especially if you are winning against the dealer. It is a favorite choice of many casino players around the world including those in Lagos, Nigeria. Majority of the players in the city enjoy going to casinos in the area to have fun playing their favorite games and winning some rewards as well.

Fortunately, casinos in Lagos that have blackjack as one of the games in offer are quite a number, which gives you chance to play the game in the best environment possible. Among the casinos in the city, there are some that stand out because of the facilities, amenities and even their location, making them quite popular among blackjack players. Some of the leading black jack casinos in Lagos are:

Federal Palace Casino

The casino is located on the famous Victoria Island and is part of Sun International hotels, which is known worldwide. The casino offers those looking to play blackjack, ten casino tables where they can indulge in the game and have fun with other revelers. Each of the tables has a dealer at all times and you can even try playing Texas Hold’em Poker and see how far you can go. Apart from the tables that are always open for players, you can explore the hotel further and discover the bars and restaurants that you can visit to unwind after an intense blackjack game.

Concorde hotel

The Concorde Hotel is another destination for black jack casino players in Lagos. The hotel has a casino nearby, known as Jacaranda Casino which has been built exclusively for casino lovers looking for a fun environment to play. There are a variety of games to choose from when at the casino but one of the most popular ones is blackjack which is played on majority of the casino tables.

Enjoy playing blackjack in Lagos casinos today!

If you are looking for the best location in Nigeria to play blackjack at high end casinos, consider Lagos. The casinos in the area are the best in the country and can be compared with those that are popular all over the world.