The Nigeria Property Expo is set to take place from 29 to 31 July at the Abuja International Conference Center in Nigeria. This popular event not only draws people from across the African content but also from all over the world who are involved (or want to get involved) in Nigeria’s property industry.

When you attend the Nigeria Property Expo in 2019, you will be exposed to industry experts, exhibits, and workshops for small groups. Both property sellers and developers will have exhibition stalls where they can engage with attendees and strengthen their relationships with buyers, investors, and other investors in the market.

In May 2018, published an article on the growth opportunities in the Nigerian real estate market. The article was based on a prominent Nigerian online real estate firm’s trends report, According to the report, the real estate sector is experiencing significant growth to retain its position as the 5th biggest contributor to the GDP of Africa’s largest economy.

Chief Operating Officer and co-founder of, Oladapo Eludire says, “Real estate investment always requires lots of funding. When dealing with such a high-risk investment, gut-feeling is not enough to make the best decisions. Such decisions need to be backed up by data. is the most used online real estate platform with the largest listing database across the country. It has given us insight into the Nigerian real estate market on both a micro and macro level.”

The Nigeria Property Expo 2019 is the perfect opportunity for buyers, sellers, developers, investors, government authorities, and regulatory bodies in the real estate sector to get the information and advice they need.

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