Nigeria’s capital is a little-recognised gem when it comes to travel destinations. From luxury hotels to camping and sightseeing, Abuja and the surrounding territory offers plenty for travellers to see and do. It is also a key destination for casinos, which brings many serious and casual gamblers to the city annually. When you’ve had enough of gambling in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory is ready to be explored. Here, in no particular order, are 7 reasons why Abuja is a must-visit travel destination for 2020.

Chase Restaurant Terrace and Cherry’s Bakery

Let’s start off with an attraction for the foodies. Chase is a well-established restaurant that is a favourite among locals and tourists alike. In particular, be sure to try the Lebanese and Chinese themed Sunday brunches. Just downstairs is the legendary Cherry’s Bakery, which offers pastries good enough for any Parisian pâtisserie.

Yankari National Park

This is actually well outside of Abuja but can be easily accessed from the city for a good weekend getaway. Spend a couple of days in nature, with excellent wildlife viewing opportunities, and take a dip in the Wikki Warm Springs.

Suleja and Zuma Rock

Zuma Rock is probably Abuja’s best-known landmark and is always worth a visit. It stands in a small town called Suleja, which is within the Federal Capital Territory. Suleja is known for its handmade, glazed pottery and also for the abandoned, supposedly haunted hotel that stands in the shadow of the rock.

Jos and Kaduna

These cities are about a three-hour drive out of Abuja. Jos is particularly beautiful, with its well-known museums and the highly recommended Cedar Tree restaurant and hotel.

Hiking and Camping

Abuja is home to a number of beautiful hills. You can take a guided hike up one of them and camp at the top, where you can enjoy both the stars and the city lights.

The People

Abuja offers an interesting view of Nigeria’s people. On the one hand, you can experience the local culture of the Hausa and other central and northern groups. On the other, you get a national and international melting pot, as you would expect from a capital city. Nigeria’s people are its true treasures! And, you will get a full experience of them here, as you are welcomed, guided and befriended around the city.


Make no mistake, Abuja knows how to have a good time. Once the sun goes down and the lights come on, you have plenty of options for a good night out. Put on your glad rags, team up with a local friend or two and go and paint the town red!

The Sheraton Abuja

So, where are you going to stay in Abuja? Look no further than the Sheraton Abuja, found on Ladi Kwali Way, Maitiama. This beautiful hotel is packed to the brink with amenities, including some of the best gambling facilities in Abuja. In addition, its central location allows it to be the perfect staging point for all your tourist activities in the city and the surrounding areas.